Versuri We Singing Colors – Bridal Hands lyrics

Bridal Hands versuri WE SINGING COLORS

No, I don’t mind
To cuddle next to you
Though I could have
Something better to do.

Building castles
Just to tear them down
May the king loose
His crown

If you’re smiling to me like this
It’s getting so hard, hard now to resist
When we’re alone together
If you’re singing to me like this
It’s getting so hard, hard not to be kissed
Let’s fly lover away for a while.

I tried to
Look right over the fence
But it’s so high
When you use your eyes to defend.

Is it magic
That keeps me close to you
Did you trick me

I was in the air and looking for a girl with bridal hands
Then you came along and all my world has changed
Jump in my balloon, you can have yourself a groom.

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