HUNGER Versuri

Pay what you have to pay, cash a little for the brain
Life is pretty cheap around here
Living in a rented space
See the bills and get the chills, get another job in town
Looking for the best price, eat well but pay twice
Don’t you worry now
Waiting for the all in, never ever lose the dream
Do you feel me?

There’s a hole in my pocket
I know you’re feeling the same way
There’s a hole in my stomach
Now you can see the hunger, the hunger

Say what you have to say
No one’s listening anyway, your story now
A struggle for every dime
All you gotta loose is time, he’s forever young
Try not to hesitate versuri.us
The road we choose is never straight, so I’ve been told
This song’s for the poor calling out to the rich hearts
Hope we’ll meet someday

There’s a hole in my pocket, are you feeling the same?
There’s a hole in my pocket, are you taking the blame?
There’s a hole in my stomach, the hunger, the hunger

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