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Mamacita versuri The UpRise

Vai mamacita, do jeito que tu me excita

Ola ola mamacita come and meet for corner
It’s your body woman wonder
Strike me lightning thunder
Why you looking like it’s August
It’s not even summer
Watching on your bumper
Tell me what’s your name and number

I get numbers when I’m in the street
But I do not talk too much
Jump out gang on the street
From the whip but I do not walk too much
When the sun is out she look swaggy
And I’m peaced out in my Bally’s
Tell the chick come straight we make money
That my lip taste just like honey
I grab the number then I’m in
She got a sis that’s her twin
I’m a bad boy full of gin
Call her Bria myles in those jeans
Her big back is obscene
Her top dropped and my drop topped
So I dropped her off to my team
Like that like that

Rebola, gostosa
Essa bunda é maravilhosa
Gostosa, se joga
Mexe, sei que tu gosta

À cause du biff elle m’appelle Daddy
Elle veux que je l’emmène a Dubai
Et puis j’ai sortie le buggatti
Now she wan jump in my ride
I got the plug on the phone
La miff – Montana
Petit déplacement pour Rome
Pour mpècho les dernières Gabanna
Jlai est pècho en moin de deux
Ce soir on va metre le feu
VIP jfais pas la queue
Les rageux seront toujours hors-jeu
Je suis posé avec une top model
Qui vien tout droit de cubana
Jvx une villa, vue sur la mer
Pour que j’allume mes cohibas

Eu quero ver você mexer
Eu quero você descer
Ao som do NGKS

Vai mamacita, daquele jeito que tu me excita

Mamacita lyrics ♪ tiktok clean Letra de la canción Mamacita ♪ Versuri Mamacita

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