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Gale versuri MC Brankim, The UpRise

I do not run
Came from the slums
What you know about flipping just to eat and take care of mom
Now we live life
Cirque de Le soir
Girlies want to come hang bang
All the above

.45 to your stomach
9 shots now you on it
Killers open up the bonnet

Getting money yeah I got it
This year it’s me and I
Fully focused on myself
All you lot trying to be authentic
I’m busy trying to get this wealth.

Gale swag, Louis rag
Gale swag, body bag
Gale swag, Louis rag
Gale swag, body bag

My names is Wizzy boi
Sauce king to start with
This year im aiming for the top
Aint no one who can dethrone me
1,2,3,4 thousand euros im my account
Run me my P’s before i turn this place up side down
Immediate transfer
I love it when its like that
Number1 in the medias
Nothing will ever stop me
Private jet heading to ghana
Im going to boost the economy
Couple hectares for the businesses
Then back to paris to for the show

Do gueto pro mundo
Diamante da lama
Hoje elas querem o papo que manda
Motor da nave, anuncia a chegada
Ela joga, ela joga, ela joga
Viajei o mundo inteiro, na maleta só tem euro
Trouxe o kunk do verdadeiro
Voltei milionário, tô cheio do dinheiro
Sei que na vida tudo vai embora
Mas a cobrança, chega primeiro
Tu deve, tu paga
Aumenta minha cota
Se eu morrer, vai ficar pro herdeiro
Tenho um herdeiro em cada país, por onde passei deixei minha raiz
To milionario, só ando de Gucci
Comprei um Camaro com o seu nariz
Só quero gozar e ser feliz, deixa ela sentar pra mim

Learned so many lessons
In this life of mine
Asking many questions

Words I can’t define
We only multiply
Sole survivor never die
Fresh , young, fly
Say hello then say goodbye
You know we come from the gutter
Now we are chasing the butter
Spread it all over the bread
Champagne, we’re not drinking water
Enemies will not get no closer
Uprise is what’s on the poster
You will see our name in lights
Running the game like im sosa

Gale swag
Louis bag, Gucci shoes, fendi hat
Tell me what you know about that
Like it because I’m all about that

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