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Did you know that you would hurt me?
What a pretty story, oh baby
Thought that we were  carefree
Innocence is fading
Don’t make me.
Think about all that we could be
Cuz I don’t think I like it
But I can’t be
Done with all the mystery
I’m falling for

Ooh, tell me what you want from me.
Oooh whats the end game cant you see? 
I’m sick of being underwater for you, I can’t breathe
Oooh what’s the end with you and me?
You and me.

I really thought that we were something
Ticking all the boxes, like a checklist
Never saw it coming
If I’m being honest
But we got so many people telling us that we got issues, maybe we should walk away.
All these voices in my head, telling me instead, baby yeah you know it’s not too late.

Ooh, tell me what  you want from me
Oooh whats the end game, cant you see?
I’m sick of being underwater for you , I can’t breathe
Oooh what’s the end with you and me
You and me

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