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No Grato in english versuri Tempo

Oh oh
And we proceed
And now it’s my turn

What happened, you bastard? Ah?
You win them to see me on the floor (Never)
The fish always dies through the mouth
That’s why I threw the hook (Cha)
In the counterattack, Canelo; JAB, straight
I keep my distance causing a stir
Talking shit on the networks
I stand in front of them, Toothless died
Never candy!
Sour, just like when they put their mouths
Every time I get something new
And I drown the divers’ in the aquarium
For my goodness, that nobody puts him like me
Even if they say otherwise
I’m going to crucify them every time they hear me
Motherfuckers, I’ll be your calvary
Do not be alarmed or call me
(Don’t call me; haha), oh, mmm
If we are ‘fine, we are’ fine
Real, the others let the bug suck me
I’m not like you
Queen of beauty in the pageant
So long studying Tempo
And I got hung up on the exam
Admit it, I’m impossible (-possible)
Did they have breakfast or are they fasting? Ah? (‘tán fasting; wuh)
I am the pandemic and there is no vaccine (Ah-ah)
Dolce & Gabanna on the red carpet at the ‘(How?)
They tell me “The Olive”
And always in front, never under water
Like Ozuna’s mamabicho (Wuh)
I took back what is mine; the street is mine, harpies
What happens is that I do not laugh ‘at anybody nor do I support vagrancy
Every time I nail more than one on a topic, it’s an orgy
And tell me, do you want me to call you “Cucaracha” or “Santiago Matías”? (Wuh)
Barbarian (Ah)
I burned you ugly, I am the lamp
The stream, the lamp
And also, the crush of Amelia Alcántara
Epic, ethical verse (Ethical)
In the House as Lírico (Lírico)
Aware as Avelino that I am the para
Harmful like the Chemical
The real threat, El Nene
And I am more crazy than Kiko
Chota comic, let’s see how I explain it to you (Ah)
I never sold that parakeet (Mamón)
I have the fucking street set on fire
The fuckin ‘beast of Puerto Rico
The Book Eta, respect, minor
The best of rap is me, after Vico, ah
They are all part of my trip to Mars
And as Tempo leaves, here nobody leaves
I have to educate you and don’t make me look for you
With those of Capotillo, Wilmer Duarte
Jump, you’re not for this league, fag
Defend me this bug, I sing ‘e bastard
Your league, the pupil of the buga
Clown as Cherry Scom
What I have for them is ‘a bullin’ (Haha), haha ​​(Ah)
With a 4-7 in hand, I’m walking rulin (Trr!)
You ‘to’ are rookie ‘and running the’ field ‘I am Mookie
And my respect for the ‘royal’ tiguere in the ‘block’
Tali, Rochy, indicating Chuky
I’m out

Indicating The Metal, ah
The 42
Shh, a secret
Hahaha, I ‘
Santiago Matías, Santiago Matías
Not nice
Suck the bug
I’m done
Do the country a favor and leave
Because the circus will continue while ‘there are those who applaud the clowns’
gonna claim
What happened, Wilmer Roberts?
Did you run out of five minutes ” and fame, huelebicho?
Ozuna, you like the bug

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