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Carta A D.Ozi in english versuri Tempo

Dear D.O, you saw the sewing
Sorry the delay was thirty-five thousand high
But when you receive this letter you are fine
Along with the movie fake, let’s do it with culture

Why this eagerness to get into the ring with Tyson Cuero
I felt you bitten but I understand your despair
I’m the one with the fucking street on fire
So sucker that you are, see me and always mam * s the egg

Look but ** ejo keeps running on battery
Vermin and your corduroy tremendous crap
Badly grateful that this takes you to Chile
I recorded with you and I even lent you pa ‘los viles

I am the king he smells letter bug I have a parade
Don’t talk to me about when he dressed in civilian clothes
20/20 throw the challenge of the 20 bastard
And if he does not mention me or see me

You looked even excited, very happy
They put you up on the pages but why? by tempo
Sakatu nepe a sume and nobody found out
You talked about me and at the moment or that God returned

Do not be fooled that that is not your fake my hater
The same ones who saw how tempo I buried you
He locked himself in and held on and wanted to measure himself in sport
When right now they rearm it and there is no one to support me

They respect me
Look feka they love me more than you right now in dry sheets
So you threw me and you checked with your girlfriend
Knowing the stick and ‘rubber in the pogreso with the mummy

You live in Bobolonia and I do not underestimate
And this happens to you for wanting to take a pattern with me
Now I smiled at the photo, chess! mama bich
You have the same flow of coscu sent to ask for by witch

Don’t do him a favor anymore …
Don’t give me a break, I’m going to empty the drum
We make an example with this problem solved
And it’s the first time that I feel like I’m killing a dead person

I say goodbye I hope you enjoyed the moment
This is my last carte flow rene I left it inside
I did not want to do it bastard and I even feel bad
Take care of yourself and with respect attentively tempo

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