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Versuri Spirix – Little Doubts ft. Aviella lyrics

Little Doubts versuri Spirix

Seein is only believin
And from what I have seen I’ll be leavin
You gave me no chance for the healin
My mind cannot take all the feelin

You put me through
Things I wouldn’t do to ya
Threw me overboard

Not listenin
We ain’t friends no no
You’re losin

You’re missin out
On what I’m about
Cuz your little doubts
Your little doubts

Oh I’m am free
Livin for me
You’re gonna be
All your little doubts

Fallin in love is the hardest
When you know that you cant be the smartest
You call me up
I don’t know for what
Say I’m your drug
You say I’m your only one
I’m closin in here we go again and now

The next one feels like
It’s a heartbreak, for my sake
Lettin you go, so my my world don’t shake
And I don’t know how much more of this I can take

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