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Since I was little I wanted to be a baseball player,
I didn’t arrive so I learned to hit hits
Above a track.
I drank alcohol again in my office,
I write well sober but I write better drunk.
When i fall into depression
I tell my problems to the window of the plane
Stress makes me sick,
I haven’t slept for ten years.
The IRS continues to investigate me,
I am divorced
but it doesn’t matter I keep on rhyming.
I make mistakes but I do what I can,
I learned to land without wheels …
And although they recognize me on the street,
not even my friends know me anymore.
I’m sad and I laugh
The concert is full but I’m empty.
In the music industry everything is a lie,
My son has to eat so I’m on tour.
I only have what I have left
I don’t know where I’m going but I know where I’m coming from.

I grew up with Cristopher, my pana.
We throw stones together,
we broke a couple of windows
We ran down the street without a shirt,
in the Trujillo plots,
Downhill, by bike.
The bike above the mud,
with a plastic cup in the rubber
So it sounds like a car.
We recharged battery with Indian malt
and bread with garlic, nobody stopped us.
We were inseparable,
until one day
He was killed among four policemen.
My joy is still broken
the lights went out in the ball park.

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