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Versuri Residente – Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe (english) lyrics

Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe in english versuri Residente

I don’t know when the track will be free,
for now it’s time to open sales and get as far as the eye can see.
When will we go out again? No one knows that.
Better, for now we kiss each other before the world ends.
With your lips I listen to the waves of the sea as they sound,
and my feet are filled with sand from the quarantine.
Not the strongest pandemic that is killing people,
separates me from you.
So with you, social distance does not work.
And if you’re away it doesn’t matter
because the afternoon light unites us.
Up close or far you boost my immune system.
And if the moon runs out of night
and the mornings run out of birds.
Better, for now we kiss each other before the world ends.

We are solidarity by nature
that’s why when I yawn, you yawn.
So I protect you and you protect me,
So we share the air we breathe from the same axis.
I know that the future is uncertain
but even if they close borders,
they will not be able to close the open sea.
We will leave soon,
to leave our tracks on the ground,
on the snow clouds,
under the lakes of heaven.
To feel the sun that vaccinates us,
next to the water that wets us
under waterfalls that cry
in front of a jungle of leaves.
Among the flower forests,
of different sizes.
The rainbows that paint
the seasons of the year.
Like the colors of the clothes
in full swing hanging
on the balconies so that the
dry the wind.
And the look of history
who wants to continue counting.
That even though we fight,
we understand each other dancing.
We lost the center,
before going back outside,
you have to go back inside.
And that everything is different,
and the truth never gives up.
Even pretty things,
They should be prettier.
And if this is the end
we will find beauty for you.
Maybe actually,
now is when it all starts.
Who knows?
But for now we kiss
before the world ends.

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