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I am the resident
Of sin the greatest exponent
I’m lucky
If they knew what I have in mind
They gave me the death penalty

I am not a Christmas sweet
Inside a sock
I am not cookies & cream
I am the one who comes to your house
To urinate the garden
Although I have no one to fight with
I’m always in the ring

I’ve screwed up
But I always fall stopped
As you want everywhere
I keep pointing
I throw the first stone
He who is free from sins

I get heavy
When i’m taken
And they are scared because they know that I am
Armed with my fingers on the computer
Friction with the keyboard

I shoot letters on the computer
In the notebook or on the napkin
I’m more dangerous than a fan
Religious with two shotguns

I hear voices
Every time I turn off the light
When I question myself
What you did not question yourself
That’s why sometimes the verses I write
They make Jesus get the nails off the cross

I’m Jack in the glow
The lyrical ripper, a predator
The one who puts them in the dining room
On top of the chopper and eat them without a fork
I’m the doors in the elevator
When they don’t open in the middle of a tremor
The pain that the doctor could not cure
A rapper abuser like a pastor
Preacher, when abusing a minor
I am a sinner
Because I pray only when the plane wiggles
Because I am not what people want me to be
Because I don’t believe in things until I see them
I’m going against the tide

And I don’t believe in hell or in heaven
Not even in the tales of the Holy Land
You live what the story endures
When I die I will be fertilizer for plants
And the earthworms rise
They eat my body, they choke and my
Spirit is transplanted to your children’s room
And at night with her teddy bears
Scares them

I am a sinner
Because I have to calm down with pills from the pharmacy
Pa don’t kill these shit youtuber
Who do comedy on Instagram and don’t like it

I am a sinner
Because my only virtue is that I am full of defects
I love to offend those who want to project
His intellect with his politically correct dialect

I am a sinner
Because I am not faithful
In my head I have a brothel
And the sex I have is politically incorrect
As a low level hotel

Bodies full of honey with cake cream
I assume my role of giving everyone in the buttocks
With a stepfather’s bad mood
Who has to raise a child that is not his

I am a sinner
Because I hate rappers
Rags and reggaetons that from the rostrum
You want to eat the world, the sun and the moon
But his lyrics drown with an olive

I have the vaccine, for those who fuck the music
And make fortune
I put them to sleep in the crib
I take away the famine when in their faces
I scratch one like Ozuna

I make music even if I don’t generate income
You better remember me because I express myself
Throwing “punchlines” in excess
Because I have more bars than a prison for prisoners
I leave them stiff when I shoot with more weight
That a sumo wrestler, obese, wrapped
In a flour taco with cheese

Therefore, I am a sinner
Because rapping without kneeling
I confess

I don’t know the ground
Because I always fly
In a violin orchestra
I am the cello
The Resident, always different
There is no twin, nothing parallel
In this game, I’m salt
That changed the taste of caramel
When my words are covered
The face with a handkerchief, I reveal myself
Dropping blows online I’m Canelo
With my tools I dismantle them
Like a hungry thief
Dismantle a latest model car
To these chicks, from the farm
Jealousy sprouts because they see me
With longing when they look to the sky
And since before the duel begins
They smell like a great-grandfather
This is my place and if you transfer it
My tongue like a snake without arms
He suffocates them when he hugs them because
The Resident misbehaves with these children
Like those who raped Michael Jackson at home
Most are rockstar children’s version
Taken from a youth band, trying to be hostile
For the profile picture
I laugh at them like Brazil’s Janeiro
A fierce win of assholes without a voice
They are Chinese rice without rice
They are a hello and goodbye
Their careers end fast, fast
Like premature ejaculation
They fall like dominoes
When the vein in my forehead sprouts
I make shit, terracotta color
These idiots, with their faces tattooed
I set them on easy fire
Just as Cypres lights the speck

I am a sinner
With many wins and zero losses
Those who criticize my rap
They go behind my balls
Because my rhyme when he walks
Above the water floats

They follow me even though I am bankrupt
No money for the fee
In Spanish rap we put on our boots
I am a sinner
Because today jip jop is written with jota

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