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Residente – Guerra (english) Lyrics

Lyrics to 'Guerra in english' by Residente.

I look at you and my anger touches you
When I scream without using my mouth
And my fury eats people
Because he bites even if he does not have teeth

Pain does not cause me problems
Today the pains recite poems
I eat the world without a plate
Fear of me cleans my shoes

The fire melted it
Today the nightmares do not sleep because they think of me
Today I can see what the other did not see
And I put them to pray although they do not believe in God

Today tears cry before they die
And to the history books I put them to write
Let your legs tremble on planet earth
Today I came to win and I am made of war

(Made of war)
(And I’m made of war)
(And I’m made of war)
(And I’m made of war)
I put them to pray

I am the gap that left the bomb that fell
What fertilized the mother who gave birth to me
Since I was born I am part of this menu
Because I got to the egg before you

I am the forest that runs barefoot
In the middle of the sea I survive without a raft
I am the flow that moves the stream
Battalions that collide head-on

My rivals who come from two
Today, even thunders do not raise my voice
I am your defeat, your two broken legs
The nail on the foot that pierced the boot

I am the strategy of any combat
Today you win or you lose, there is no tie
I am the sorrows of your joys
The war at night and the war of day

(Night War and Day War)
(Night War and Day War)
(Night War and Day War)
(Night War and Day War)
I put them to pray

I killed the war without being shot
The war is afraid of hugs
War with camouflage dresses
No one sees it when it gets sad

The war loses all its struggles
When the enemies are heard
War is weaker than strong
He can not stand life so he hides in death

(And I put them to pray)
(And I put them to pray)

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