Nerdout – VIDEO GAMES & MUSIC (JT Music’s Fact Rap Challenge) Lyrics

VIDEO GAMES & MUSIC (JT Music's Fact Rap Challenge) Lyrics

You know what?
I don’t feel like rapping about Video Games this week, man
Let’s mix it up
Let’s take these kids to school
This is a challenge!
To everybody in Nerdcore
Who wants to answer the call!
But this is not about Beats ..
Or Bars ..
No ..
Let’s see …
Who’s got the best
[Verse 1]
Facts! Cuz that’s what I came prepared to write
Water freezes! At 32 degrees, Fahrenheit!
The designer of the Eifel Tower was scared of heights
There are more than 300 illuminated paris sites
Not parasites, they’re inside you, scary right?
Tapeworms can grow to 50 feet? Back to paris’ lights!
I could spare some lights, if you ever need ‘em!
Chrysanthemums are pretty but did you know you could eat ‘em?
I learned that from a book, so if you haven’t, you should read one
Caffeine’s a diarrhetic so you bet it makes ya pee, fun!
Australia went to war with emus, and got beaten!
The “grease gun” is the M3 Submachine gun!
Used in World War 2 cuz it was a cheap gun
Speaking of gunpowder – made by the chinese, son!
Fuck the Mona Lisa, Da Vinci liked to draw dicks!
A blue whale’s dong is 3 meters long, sick!
These are all facts, even if obnoxious
Like Ricegum’s response to iDubbbz – Shit!

The World is round!
Flat-Earthers suck ma balls!
And did you know awesome role models do not include both the pauls
Yo, oj is guilty, and “khaleesi” means queen
Garbage is filthy and healthy grass is green

During the battle of Pelusium
The Persians had cats, and they were using ‘em
Because they knew that the egyptians were afraid of wounding ‘em
2 grand’s the average cost a single carat ruby runs
But the most expensive chemical element – Californium
27 Mil a gram, who can afford more than one?
Being gay in the bible belt is forbidden
But they watch way more gay porn than anyone
The Internet weighs as much as an egg in electrons
Less weight, high peps – best for a chest pump
But not for muscular hypertrophy, lift heavy
Dolphins have sex for pleasure, but they never get sweaty
Human eyeballs stay the same size
Brown, blue, or green – for your entire lives
And we perceive the world upside down first!
The brain flips it over with mind powers!

The Sun is hot! How hot? Really hot!
Saddam was found in a hole underground when he got caught
The Moon landing happened back in ’69, it wasn’t fake!
But someone you don’t trust – Glados, when she’s promised cake

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