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NerdOut – The Marvel Cinematic Universe Rap Up
NerdOut – This Is The Way (The Mandalorian Song)
NerdOut – The 2019 Gaming Rap Up (The Best Games of 2019)
NerdOut – The 2019 Big Screen Rap Up
NerdOut – Eyes of a Beast (The Witcher Song)
NerdOut – To The End (Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Song)
NerdOut – Baby Yoda vs Baby Groot Rap Battle
NerdOut – The Good Life (Minecraft Song)
NerdOut – I’ll Be The One (Pokemon Sword & Shield Song)
NerdOut – 66 Reasons (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Song)
NerdOut – Connected (Death Stranding Song)
NerdOut ft. Dan Bull – The Joker Rap Battle
NerdOut ft FaZe Pamaj – This Is Our Fight
NerdOut – You Better Move (Fortnite Chapter 2 Song)
NerdOut – Not Afraid to Die (Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Song)
NerdOut – Who’s Laughing Now (Joker Song)
NerdOut – Meltdown (Apex Legends Season 3 Song)
NerdOut ft. Fabvl, Zach Boucher, & Dreaded Yasuke – The Spider-Man Rap Battle
NerdOut ft Rustage – Island of Dreams (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Song)
NerdOut ft. Claptrap – Party at the Apocalypse (Borderlands 3 Song)
NerdOut – One by One (IT Chapter 2 Song) ft. Aaron Fraser Nash
NerdOut – Glory Days (World of Warcraft Classic)
NerdOut – Hero You Deserve (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
NerdOut ft Dan Bull – Gravity
NerdOut ft Knox Hill & Halocene – Welcome To The Lobby (Fortnite Song)
NerdOut – Family (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Song)
NerdOut – Alive (ARK: Valguero Song)
NerdOut – The Upside Down (Stranger Things 3 Song)
NerdOut – Summertime (Fortnite Season 9)
NerdOut – One That Got Away (Spider-Man: Far From Home Song)
NerdOut! – Going Nitro (Crash Team Racing Song)
NerdOut ft. Fabvl, Zach Boucher, & Dreaded Yasuke – The Spider-Man Rap Battle
NerdOut – Make This Look Good (Men in Black Song)
NerdOut ft Halocene – This Fire Inside (Dark Phoenix)
NerdOut – Long Live The King (Godzilla: King of the Monsters Song)
NerdOut – Prepare for War (John Wick 3 Song)
NerdOut ft. Jt Music, Fabvl, None Like Joshua & More – Whatever It Takes (Avengers: Endgame Song)
Neebs Gaming, JT Music & Nerdout – I’m On a Boat (Sea of Thieves)
NerdOut – Team (Pokémon Detective Pikachu Song)
NerdOut ft Divide Music – Back For You (Fortnite x Endgame Song)
NerdOut ft Halocene – Army of the Dead (Game of Thrones Song)
NerdOut – Fatality (Mortal Kombat 11 Rap) ft. None Like Joshua, GameboyJones & DaddyPhatSnaps
NerdOut feat. Culcher – Shout My Name (Shazam! Song)
NerdOut – Death Blow (Sekiro Rap Song)
NerdOut – Make It Out Alive (The Division 2 Song)
Nerdout – “Until It’s Over” Apex Legends Song
NerdOut ft. Halocene – Born to Fly (Captain Marvel Song)
NerdOut – Ice In My Veins (Subnautica: Below Zero Song)
NerdOut – Bonecage & FabvL – The Anthem of Creation (Anthem Song)
NerdOut ft Trickywi – Champion (Pokemon Lets Go Song)