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NerdOut ft aDrive – Taking My Shot (Pokemon Snap Song)
Nerdout ft Delta Deez – The Captain America Rap Battle
NerdOut ft DizzyEight – Hero Inside Me (Falcon And The Winter Soldier Song)
NerdOut – Go Beyond (Deku Rap Song)
NerdOut​ – Live By The Sword (Valheim Song)
NerdOut – Anomaly (Outriders Song)
NerdOut – Godzilla vs King Kong Rap Battle
NerdOut – Feels Like Home (Spider-Man: No Way Home Song)
NerdOut – Good Night (Little Nightmares 2 Song)
NerdOut – Cold-Blooded (Hitman 3 Song)
NerdOut – One Out of One (Wandavision Song)
NerdOut – The Gaming Rap Up 2020
NerdOut ft Daithi De Nogla, CaptainSparklez & More – The Among Us Rap Battle 2
NerdOut – Jacked Up (Cyberpunk 2077 Song)
NerdOut – Find The Way Home (The Mandalorian Season 2)
NerdOut ft Fabvl, Frazer, DizzyEight & Breeton Boi – My Squad (Call of Duty Cold War Song)
NerdOut ft IAmChrisCraig – My City Now (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)
NerdOut – Kings (Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Song)
NerdOut – Take Back The World (LifeAfter Song)
NerdOut ft Connor Quest & Edmon – Rising Up
NerdOut ft CG5, Pokimane, Preston, Loserfruit & More – The Among Us Rap Battle
NerdOut ft Shwabadi, Connor Quest & ChewieCatt – GOING N-SANE (Crash Bandicoot 4 Song)
NerdOut ft Loserfruit, JT Music, TheOrionSound – Among Us Song
NerdOut ft CG5 & Dan Bull – The Fall Guy Within (Fall Guys Song)
NerdOut x Omega Sparx x SWATS – Assembled (Marvel’s Avengers Song)
Nerdout – Demons (The New Mutants Song)
NerdOut – All For One (Fortnite Season 4 Rap)
NerdOut – When Evil Rains (The Umbrella Academy Song)
NerdOut – All Day (Captain America Song)
NerdOut – Destiny Arrives (Thanos Rap)
NerdOut ft Skybourne – Hear Me Roar (Avatar: The Last Airbender Song)
NerdOut – Number One (Bakugo Song)
NerdOut – Evolve ARK: Survival Evolved (REMASTERED 2020)
NerdOut – Play Some Duos (Fortnite Song)
NerdOut & Halocene – The Last Song for the Lost Soul (The Last Of Us Part 2 Song)
NerdOut – Ready Up (Valorant Song)
NerdOut ft Skybourne – Gotham (The Dark Knight Song)
NerdOut – Go To War (Rainbow Six Siege Song)
NerdOut – Revenge (Apex Legends Season 5 Song)
NerdOut – Show You Something (Spider-Man Song)
NerdOut – Out of Your League ft. Dreaded Yasuke (Iron Man Song)
GTA 5 Song | Money in the Bag | Feat. Halocene & XpertThief #NerdOut
NerdOut – Arrival (ARK Genesis Song)
NerdOut ft Lollia & Stylosa – Reflection (Overwatch Song)
NerdOut – Beat of the Island (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Song)
NerdOut ft Little V – I Am The Slayer (DOOM Eternal Song)
NerdOut – Coming For The Crown (PUBG Mobile Song)
NerdOut – Out Here (Call of Duty Warzone Song)
Nerdout – Story to Save (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Song)
NerdOut ft Connor Quest, DizzyEight, Token Black & G.Ye – The Four Nations Rap Battle (Avatar Rap)