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Versuri NerdOut ft. Fabvl, Zach Boucher, & Dreaded Yasuke – The Spider-Man Rap Battle lyrics

The Spider-Man Rap Battle versuri NerdOut

I can’t hold back
You know I’ll be the one
Be the one
Your time has passed
You know I’ll be the one
Be the one

I’m always in it for the greater good
Ain’t it always better when we live in friendly neighborhoods?
I’ll never turn a back on any saving like a savior should
That nerdy loser kid you didn’t like but that you later would
I know I got potential, keep that in my mental
Web shoo all the ones who need it, they ain’t even on my level
Wasn’t sure what I’ve become, I get it now though, I’m essential
See I’ll set my life aside to keep the real me confidential
I will never be defeated, they won’t ever see it
Something deep in me is never stopping till my goal’s completed
I will show the world exactly who they bullied and they’ve beaten
Got the motive of a hero that no evil could’ve weakened
Always jumping into action when they need it
See I’ll be the one to keep the people in the city breathing
Gotta let ’em know that they have got somebody to believe in
Know the one and only Spider-Man is here and isn’t leaving

Call yourself a one and only, got rid of you for a reason
I am the entire story, you are just the teaser
Beat electrocution, and a reptilian savage
I am The Amazing Spider-Man, you guys are just average
My quips are the best, I’m the funny guy
The only thing you’re good at is an ugly cry
Super confident, hoppin’ quick over obstacles
Bob and weaving through traffic, dramatic swinging and I scoff at you clowns
Here’s a red nose, I ain’t gonna lie to you
I got the best pose, plus I got the best Spidey suit
My name is Peter Parker, your name is Penis Parker
You want some hero tips? Make me a decent offer
And miles? Please! You reall need to grow up
Go back to your alternate universe before it blows up
Graffiti on the suit? You need to show respect
Because with great power comes great, c’mon you know the rest

I can’t hold back
You know I’ll be the one
Be the one
Your time has passed
You know I’ll be the one
Be the one

Got me dialed up to eleven
The only real Avenger here, yeah I said it
Not the first putting Parker on the map
But in 20 years who’s the one your kid’s not forgetting?
Peter’s home, and I ain’t going anywhere
I’m not alone, only 15 when I swung through the city
You’re living in the past but the future’s looking pretty
You adults had a good run
And yeah we all flipping round town, but I do my own stunts
I do my own stunts
Got my new suit doing things your pajamas couldn’t dream of
You shoulda known I’m a real one
Do it all for Mr. S and I’m not done
You talk a big game from the ground
But I got my head in the clouds

Here come the underdog fighting in the brawl
You try to find a flaw, disappear in my dialogue
Got a likable face but this electrical charge
Will find a place in your heart or travel up your veins in your genitals
Pause! Look at the catalog with the best in the squad
Black and red sauce, got a background checking these frauds
‘Cause they don’t belong in my Spider-verse, oh high alert
I’m a literal lightning rod, might feel a slight of burst
Thinking I’m funny like I don’t put in work
Facing all these suited-up dummies, gon’ end up looking worse
Call me Morales, I’m Miles away from all your talents
Not a challenge when web swinging without a type of callous
Look what I did to Fisk, look like a bulk of cyst
Brought a fist to a spider sense, leave with a bulging disc
Peter need to Park it down when I be round
No longer an amateur, I’m crowned as king of the cash cow

I can’t hold back
You know I’ll be the one
Be the one
Your time has passed
You know I’ll be the one
Be the one

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