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The Joker Rap Battle versuri NerdOut

Insane if you ham it out with Hamill
Oy vey I say then I’m grippin’ on the handle
And bang your brain gets a flag ingrained
Straight from the sickest voice check the Arkham games
Y’all are fake a bunch of actors that were made up for a role
You all break what the Joker is really down in the soul
The Joker is immortal you are men the message simple
You can always kill a man but you cannot kill a symbol
That’s where I come in this cartoon is the icon
That can’t die within despite the rhymes you spit
And all the time can tick I’ll be surviving it
Hell in 2039 surprise this guy still lives
So try and test this Joker and the ride is getting gnarly
You’ll be alone behind me while I’m revving up my Harley
I needed a good laugh I guess you’re not a bother
I’m the standard for the Jokers so I guess I am your father

Take a look inside the genius of my shtick
Others need to be lobotomized after my magic trick
Modernized the way you feel for the antagonist drip
Right behind you and caress you with that psychopathic grip
Put a smile on your face and show me who you really are
See the coward in your soul before it leave up to the stars
But I’m not a monster I’m just far ahead of the curve
Gonna get swerved with the Dark Knight relationship superb
Gotham really deserve a classy criminal looking for work
Don’t want any material things society need to be hurt
Put ’em in place do it with grace from a guy with a simple taste
A couple of barrels of nitrate will make Harvey lose faith in the human race
“Why so serious” my hilarious occupation
Got various ways to skin cats in precarious situations
Tragedy brewing and I’m dressed like the cook
A dash of madness is like gravity “All it takes is a little push”

Yo messing with this Joker it’s just suicidal
So I’d advise you get outta here Leto nobody likes you
It’s Jack Napier I’m the closest to the comics
This Joker is iconic you’re just colonic
Party in the streets of Gotham let’s unite
Come and dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
Let’s let bygones be bygones put ‘er there brother
Forget about the rap I’ll just roast you with a hand buzzer
Can’t believe these Jokers battling me
When I’m done the only thing left’ll be chattering teeth
Got the guns with the longest barrels in the biz
You like my flower Then come closer and take a whiff (you’re insane!)
Really I thought I was a Pisces!
I’m an OG none of you could do it like me
Might be the killingest joke that I’ve told in a while
The battle’s over if ya gotta go then go with a smile

Everybody think they know me
Story done before that’s what everybody told me
But take a seat not going through the motions
Your movies had people saying DC was broken
‘Cause you clowns are a tragedy
I took the name to new heights I’d like to thank the academy
Respect to Heath but I ain’t “supporting” anything
Front and center stage Mr. Wayne you can take a seat
This time no more suicide forever
Heard the last guy cried ’cause I came and did it better
No more medicine everything is in focus
Before you catch your breath see the kid taking over the show biz yeah
The king of comedy has spoken
And everybody start to notice
So I’ll sing it loud
You’ve had your fun but who’s laughing now

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