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Versuri NerdOut – Baby Yoda vs Baby Groot Rap Battle lyrics

Baby Yoda vs Baby Groot Rap Battle versuri NerdOut

In swinging I am coming, this is baby Yoda rapping
Baby Groot is wack, can’t believe I’m battling a sappling
I got a green thumb but this plant’s about to wither
I’d punch you in the face but I’m afraid to get a splinter
I’m throwing shade at an angry birch
You can’t rap, all you do is say the same three words
Groot I am, Groot I am, twenty times already heard you
Bars hotter than a forest fire, oops! Did that burn you?

Yeah, you didn’t know baby Yoda had bars like that
This battle’s over before it even started
All he gonna do is say I am Groot over and over again
I don’t even know why I’m rapping against this tree stump

I am Groot, is not my only sentence
You look like the Grinch had a baby with a gremlin
Ya bars lacked humor, ’bout as funny as a tumnor
Someone told me that you’re fifty, hah, okay boomer
Kermit need to think twice before he croak
Used the Force once and fell asleep for hours, what a joke
My crew Guards the Galaxy, ’cause we got bigger dreams
Only thing you’re good for is a bunch of twitter memes

Yeah, that’s right, the OG is in the building
You never stood a chance
You thought Groot was gonna lose this?
Stop playing me, son
You better bring that heat in round two

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate
And if hate leads to suffering then I must really hate your face
Guardians? Hah! What a waste of space
You guys are kind of useless, you were captured by a dude named Taserface
Better tell Trash Panda come and water you
Even Drax said that you’re just a dumber smaller Groot
I’m a beast, fight me? You’ll be chopped in two
Deceased you are, firewood you’ll be chopped into

You’re the color of vegetarian feces
My lineage is solid, we don’t even know your species
I’m ravager chic you burlap sack
It’s way past your bedtime, you need to go and take another nap
All you do is sleep, man, ugly, lazy
Y’all really got me battling this muppet baby?
You and Mandy as a couple, really cute, he wears a helmet
Man, I really wish that you would wear a helmet too

My people use the Force, you have to grab a gun
You ugly, you your daddy’s son
Nuts, you can kiss both of these
I spit that fire, and right now, I’m smoking trees

Smoking trees? Didn’t think that you were that high
Me ugly? Please, you look like someone skinned a mogwai
C’mon, me losing this? Bet I won’t
I am Groot, and you’re about to be a Jedi ghost

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