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Versuri LETTY feat Marcel Pavel & Ja’Mike – CLOSER lyrics


You said “Go home and never come back”
I never knew, never want again,
Never thought it, I would catch a string that
I knew it from the first time
I would hold it not resist
After shouting “you’re a beast”
In my big brown eyes
Always screeming “it’s a lie”
In my big brown eyes
It’s a lie
You said “I love him”
But you can no more, say no more
That you can’t let go
Ooo, nooo
I can’t let you go

L’amore vincera’, l’amore vincera’
Ti amo, ti amo
L’amore vincera’, l’amore vince
Ti amo, ti amo

I know you’ll try, I say no lie
Don’t cry, no more tears in your eye
Your l-l-love no cry, my heart just dies
But I thought you knew me
And I thought-thought-thought that you want me
But now I’m lonely
’cause you don’t know me.

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