JAY-Z – Legacy Versuri / Lyrics

Versuri Legacy Lyrics:

Daddy what’s a will

Take those moneys and spread ‘cross families
My sisters Hattie and Lou the nephews cousins and TT
Eric the rest to B for whatever she wants to do
She might start an institute
She might put poor kids through school
My stake in Roc Nation should go to you
Leave a piece for your siblings to give to their children too
TIDAL the champagne D’USSÉ I’d like to see
A nice peace-fund ideas from people who look like we
We gon’ start a society within a society
That’s major just like the Negro League
There was a time America wouldn’t let us ball
Those times are now back just now called Afro-tech
Generational wealth that’s the key
My parents ain’t have sh*t so that shift started with me
My mom took her money she bought me bonds
That was the sweetest thing of all time uh

Legacy Legacy Legacy Legacy
Black excellence baby you gon’ let ‘em see
Legacy Legacy Legacy Legacy
Black excellency baby let ‘em see

I’ve been like listenin’ to Wu-Tang and n*ggas like
“Your seed married his seed married my seed”
That’s how we keep Carter money all in the family
You see my father son of a preacher man
Whose daughter couldn’t escape the reach of the preacher’s hand
That charge of energy set all the Carters back
It took all these years to get to zero in fact
I hated religion ’cause here was this Christian
He was preachin’ Sundays versus how he was livin’ Monday
Someday I forgive him
‘Cause strangely our division led to multiple religions
I studied Muslim Buddhist and Christians
And I was runnin’ from him He was givin’ me wisdom
See how the universe works
It takes my hurt and help me find more of myself
It’s a gift and a curse
That’s called the red queens race

You run this hard just to stay in place
Keep up the pace baby
Keep up the pace
You run this hard just to stay in place

Legacy Legacy Legacy Legacy
Black excellence you gon’ let ‘em see
Legacy Legacy Legacy Legacy
Black excellency baby let ‘em see

Day someday someday we’ll all
Someday we’ll all be free

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