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Entrepreneur versuri Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams

I am black ambition
I am always whisperin’
They keep tellin’ me I will not
But my will won’t listen
Gravity on a black man
With everything on his back and
His family and passion
If the doors ain’t crackin’

You gotta let go (Let go)
If you want to fly, take the leap
You gotta risk it all (Risk it all)
Or they’ll be lots of things you’ll never see
You gotta let, let go
‘Cause you never know what’s in store
Mister entrepreneur

In this position with no choice
A system imprison young black boys
Distract with white noise
The brainwashed become hype boys
Third eye dilate
You wasn’t supposed to make it off S?ction Eight
Robbin’ Peter just to pay Paul
Prepar? to risk everything

You need let go (Let go)
If you want to fly, take the leap
You gotta risk it all (Risk it all)
Or they’ll be lots of things you’ll never see
Remember black is space
And its the color of your face
There will be no sunny days
If Black went away

Black man, Black man, Black man (x16)

Dont go chasin’ waterfalls
Please stick to the drip that you’re used to
They don’t make them like they used to

Uh, lies told to you, through YouTubes and Hulus
Shows with no hues that look like you do
Black Twitter, what’s that? When Jack gets paid, do you?
For every one Gucci, support two FUBUs
Sippin’ crip-a-Cola consumer and a owner, uh
‘Til we all vertically integrated from the floor up
D’Usse pour up, sip Ace ’til I throw up
Like gang signs ‘cept I bang mines for both ya
Serial entrepreneur, we own our own stop
Sittin’ ’round waitin’ for folks to throw you a bone
If you can’t buy the building at least stock the shelf (Word)
Then keep on stackin’ ’til you stockin’ for yourself, uh
See, everything you place after black
Is too small a term to completely describe the act
Black nation, black builder, black entrepreneur
You in the presence of Black Excellence and I’m on the board
Lord Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord
God, God, God, God, God
Lord, yuh, God

Black man, Black man, Black man (x11)

Black man, Black man, Black man (x8)

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