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Versuri HAVANA feat. Yaar – Broken Heart lyrics

Broken Heart versuri Havana

Is this a dream?
Where have you been?
Don’t you deny
Don’t tell me lies
Where have you been?
Crying won’t do
I’m not a fool
You let me down
You let me down
It’s over now

I’m sorry I still love thee
I’m sorry you’re not worthy
Look me in the eyes
Now you see how I feel – a broken heart

‎انت تعني الكتير بالنسبالي لا يمكن للكلمات ان تصف حبي ليكي
Now I see who you are
And you see me
I’m a broken heart

What did you find
In another’s life?
What did he do?
What did he say?
Was he that good?
In a blink of an eye
You left us to die
You let me down
You let me down
It’s over now!

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