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Versuri Havana feat. Yaar & Kaiia – Perfect Kiss lyrics

Perfect Kiss versuri Havana, Kaiia, Yaar

Fire within
Earth below me and I’m running
I’m running to feel something real
A lose for a win
Now I know my heart is seeing
Is seeing who is right for me

You’ll be my perfect love
You’ll be my perfect kiss
Someone I can hold and someone I can miss

‎انت ناري
On my lips
‎يا حبيبي
Your perfect lips
‎يا ملاك ملوش زي
‎يا ملاك ملوش زي
I need your perfect kiss

Is it surreal
I’m not chasing just a wild thrill
I’m hoping to build something real
Please do come in
Close the door and never leave me
I promise I’ll take care of this

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