Versuri CG5 – Our Destiny (DELTARUNE SONG) Lyrics

Our Destiny Versuri

Welcome to this,
World of darkness
We’ve been waiting,
Faith unfading

After so long,
Here you are now
Heroes so strong
We’ll win somehow

History unfolds,
A legend of hope
The world’s salvation

We’ll climb mountains,
And banish the heavens,
Seal the fountains,
This is our destiny

Peace and balance,
Light and darkness
All is shifted,
Just as predicted

We have no time
To wait for another
This world so sublime,
We must recover

The light within us shines,
So bright, so bright
And the stars, they have aligned,
What a sight, oh what a sight
But he only wants to fight
But we won’t back down
We don’t back down,
We can’t back down

After so long,
Oh, here we are now
Heroes so strong
We’ll win somehow

We’ll climb mountains,
Banish the heavens,
Seal the fountains,
This is our destiny

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