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CG5 – Other Friends
CG5 – Stereo Love ft. Lollia & insaneintherain
CG5 – Wholesome Parrots Dancing
CG5 – Fallen Kingdom
CG5 – Sweden
CG5 – Soldiers Fallen ft. DHeusta (HALO REACH SONG)
CG5 – What if Billie Eilish made Revenge?
CG5 – Area 51
CG5 ft. Nenorama – Zombies On Your Lawn (Plants vs Zombies)
CG5 – Shining Star ft. Anna (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
CG5 – Kahoot (song)
CG5 – Dancin (Remix/Cover)
CG5 – Ocean Man (Cover) ft. RichaadEB
CG5 – Scoliosis
CG5 – The Chalice ft. SquigglyDigg (CUPHEAD SONG)
CG5 – Fears (feat. DAGames) (DARK DECEPTION SONG)
CG5 – I Can’t Fix You feat. Chi-chi
CG5 – Push a Duolingo song
CG5 – Never Gonna Let You Go (The Amazing World of Gumball)
CG5 – The Wolf by SIAMÉS (Remix/Cover) ft. Cami-Cat & FamilyJules
CG5 – Our Destiny (DELTARUNE SONG)
CG5 – Change Your Mind (Extended Cover)
CG5 – Mii Channel Theme but I wrote lyrics for it
CG5 – Sunflower (Cover)
CG5 – Sweet Victory (Cover)
CG5 feat. DAGames & RichaadEB – Discord (Remix/Cover)
CG5 – Just Friends (Remix/Cover) ft. Caleb Hyles (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
CG5 – Egg (song)
CG5 – DELTARUNE SONG “Evil Team” (feat. OR3O)
CG5 – Big Chungus
CG5 – Lifelight (Super Smash Bros: Ultimate Main Theme)
CG5 – Bongo Cat makes a new song