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CG5 – Good To Be Alive (Among Us Song)
CG5 – Dear Calypso (An Original Sea Shanty)
CG5 – I See a Dreamer
CG5 – Lyin’ 2 Me (Among Us Song)
CG5 – Superstitious Foundation
CG5 – I’ma Walk Right In (Stealing the Diamond) HENRY STICKMIN SONG
NerdOut ft CG5 & Dan Bull – The Fall Guy Within (Fall Guys Song)
CG5 – Show Yourself
CG5 – Never Grow Up
CG5 – Failure to Success
CG5 – The Friendly Long Horse
CG5 – Balance (feat. Rustage, Caleb Hyles, Chi-chi)
CG5 & Hyper Potions – The Speed In My Soul
CG5 – He’s the Cartoon Cat
CG5 – Music from the Heart ft. KK Slider (ANIMAL CROSSING SONG)
CG5 – Created Equal
CG5 – Murder Hornet
CG5 – Mystery Machine (a song for SCOOB!)
CG5 – It’s Been So Long
CG5 – The Legend of Siren Head
CG5 – Into the Unknown Frozen 2
CG5 – Love Isn’t Fair
CG5 – Patiently
CG5 – Stay at Home!
CG5 – Bob Ross
CG5 – To The Dungeons ft. NateWantsToBattle (POKÉMON MYSTERY DUNGEON)
CG5 & James Landino – Delightful Day (ANIMAL CROSSING SONG)
CG5 ft. The Stupendium – How’d You Hear Me (Boris and the Dark Survival)
CG5 – A Man Has Fallen Into The River in LEGO City (song)
CG5 – Speed Me Up – SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ft. FabvL & NemRaps
CG5 – Leave Me Behind ft. DAGames & Daddyphatsnaps
CG5 – sepiatoned (BATIM SONG)
CG5 – Toss A Coin To Your Witcher
CG5 – Baby Yoda
CG5 – Aren’t We (feat. OR3O)
CG5 – Phantom Dancing (LUIGI’S MANSION SONG)
CG5 – No Matter What (Steven Universe: The Movie) ft. Cristina Vee
CG5 – Love Isn’t Fair
CG5 – Drift Away
CG5 – Other Friends
CG5 – Stereo Love ft. Lollia & insaneintherain
CG5 – Wholesome Parrots Dancing
CG5 – Fallen Kingdom
CG5 – Sweden
CG5 – Soldiers Fallen ft. DHeusta (HALO REACH SONG)
CG5 – What if Billie Eilish made Revenge?
CG5 – Area 51
CG5 ft. Nenorama – Zombies On Your Lawn (Plants vs Zombies)
CG5 – Shining Star ft. Anna (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
CG5 – Kahoot (song)