Versuri CG5 – Egg (song) Lyrics

Egg (song) Versuri

Do you like this
I don’t mean to egg you on about this
But do you eggcept this
I’ve never seen something more eggceptional than this

I’m having an eggsistential crisis,
‘Cuz I need to know, why is this egg,
So amazing?
I’m not eggsaggerating.
Boiling with eggcitement,
And I don’t mean to frighten,
But it’s all because of the eggsistence of this

What a sunny-side up day!
Perfect in every way!
However if you try to poach my egg,
I’ll poach your soul!!
He’s not eggspendable.
Yes, I’m being intentional.
Eggbert is my new best friend,
He will be with me til the end.

But sometimes I wonder,
Would he taste good fried?
Can’t get over this easy,
Think I just might cry.
Scrambling for solutions,
But it’s no use.
I eggsecrate this feeling,
But I know what I must do.

Goodbye Eggbert.
I think about you everyday.
Perfect in every way.
And I can’t eggspress how much I miss you,
Oh Eggbert.
You tasted oh so great,
But I’ll always miss my egg!

I’ll always miss my egg.

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