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Caspar Lee ft. Conor Maynard – Jake Paul, KSI & The Sidemen, STOP THE DISS TRACKS Lyrics

Jake Paul, KSI & The Sidemen, STOP THE DISS TRACKS Lyrics

Casper Lee:
What’s with all this negativity on YouTube right now?
What happened to the massive orgy we used to have every year
At Vidcon?
It’s time to hit the like button on compliments
It’s time subscribe to each other’s feelings
It’s time for diss tracks to become not mean

Casper Lee:
We should stop the dissing, we should share a hug
It’s obvious that y’all just do it for the subs
I’ma keep it positive and show some love
Shower you in compliments, go get a tub
Like Jake Paul, got more hits than baseball
Taking 30% of Team 10, well you deserve more
You should take more, then you can donate more
Talking ’bout your charity work shows you’re not an a-hole
And K.S.I, such a clever guy
Moved from YouTube to music by doing raps with Rice
It’s no surprise, their rent was on the raise
So smart to start some fake beef so the Sidemen could survive
And Deji, you’re so f*cking edgy
Your racist, sexist rants make freedom of speech looks so sexy
Your raps are cold, your statements are so bold
You’re such a great role model for the Nation’s five year olds

Casper Lee:
All of this love is making me so hard right now
So hard, we got Conor Maynaaaard

Conor Maynard:
Ten milli views in a week
You do that sh*t in your sleep
You are so talented, cheers to your management
Hoping this isn’t your peak
Your music ain’t got any flaws
I wanna cover you all
But copyright strikes and too many dislikes got me feelin’ so scared of Jake Paul
Making so much money, you should buy a Lambo
But you never show off your cars so we’d never know
Materialistic, you’re not
And all of your girlfriends are hot
So clearly, they’re in love with the person you are and not all of the things that you got

Casper Lee & Conor Maynard / Pewpiedie:
Oh sh*t
Is that…?
How’s it going bros? My name’s Pewpiedie
I think it is
No, no, NOOO!!

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