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Versuri Caspar Lee – Cigarette (DISS TRACK) About Josh Pieters lyrics

Cigarette (DISS TRACK) About Josh Pieters versuri Caspar Lee

Yeah, I took a sh*t in your toilet
Yeah, I left it there for a week
But based on your videos bro
I thought sh*t be a treat to eat
You brought up Kate
But you the snake
‘Cause the only thing that’s fake
Is using Ambar when we both know you talkin’ ’bout cake
She was tryna surprise me
But you don’t know that vibe, see
You ain’t had a girl since mummy kissed you good good nightly
I thought of you highly
You my brother rightly
You just said some things that I can’t even let go lightly
So let’s talk about money
I ain’t being funny
But I lent you fifty grand ’cause you said you had nothing
Call it a Caspar fee
Well bro that’s news to me
‘Cause by my calculations you still owe my forty something
I think it’s time we tell the people what they oughta hear
You grew up with a silver spoon and Beats upon your ears
Now you acting like you got no money over here
But daddy pushing in that money so you can adhere
[?] city life though
Bottle popping every night, yo
Tryna buy every girl in the club, well that’s not right, bro
I know that you didn’t want to see this online
But this is what’ll happen when you use our beef to climb

Cigarette, you’re like a cigarette
Long, white, red on top
Like a cigarette
Cigarette, you’re like a cigarette
Short term hit
But a long-term bitch

I wanna apologise to all you fine folks out there who have had to hear this beef
It was supposed to end three weeks ago
Josh pulled it back, and I couldn’t just sit there and look wack
Also, I’ve got something I need to get off my chest

Sixty hours no sleep, that’s a lie, that’s a lie
You took naps all the time, all the time, all the time
Tried to sell your show to TV but they saw right through your lie
They said they would only take you if you let me be the guy
The host, the name of the show
But your ego was tripping and you couldn’t let it go
They offered all the money that would pay back what you owe
But you was chasing fame and you let my money go

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