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My name is Vlad, you might say that I am bad.
But really – I’m quite nice if you look into my eyes
Angry and calm, patient and eager
Maybe not an emperor but a top notch leader
Just kidding – I’m the best.
I am the dj, I don’t dance
The beat is mine, the tune is mine. I’m cool – I am ice
I roll the dice.

My heart – COLD, my moves – BOLD
never OLD. I save – WORLD.

Did you know? I save reporter from tiger attack
I drive Formula One car on the race track
I test long Bridge with truck, I fight jiu jitsu with one hand on my back.
I hit the puck, I make ice crack, I never pull back and never slack, I am cold like Jack

I love the Beatles, from london to ostankino tower
Strawberry fields, forever – forever in power
Ja Geroi,
If want this track live b**ch, I will play in Bol’shoi,

I love my haters, I keep them close when they strive,
From the bottom of my heart I wish they’re safe and alive.
Our plains are endless, our men are strong
We have beautiful women and, i tell you, they’re never wrong

I… love my transformers(voice off LGBTQprst), they are very tender,
Putting their carrots in blenders,
inventing new genders.

My heart is COLD, my moves are BOLD
Never get OLD. I save the WORLD.

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