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Versuri Bad Bunny – 🖤 <3 (english) lyrics

🖤 <3 in english versuri Bad Bunny

thanks 6 thanks to everyone who believes in
me from the first day from before
I dated a company since before
they knew what you already knew that

I am the best in this and the one who
became me with the big boys and boys
mixed data my environment in port
rich every thing that you achieved is the
I dedicate to sometimes not understanding me and
So what can I explain to myself?
different it feels like they open but more
that open feels always is that of
unreal heart I know who they are
but time does not fail and always has
the reason
like me with efe already a song is
they hit the lotus was the best
investment better than you of that there is for
what do I do with passion because I dreamed it
a thousand times inside my room a
grandmother blessing today meets another goal
I went bastard I don’t know if you saw me in the
Super, I’m not Basque, but I’m a
star that’s why they invite me to
google with miami flo sends and
and I don’t want to be a god I don’t want
be a king if everyone wants to be me all
they want my ID write me a paragraph and
I answer that today is that you who
abras no mames way celebrated in the lebron
with 23 or 6% there is the lobbyist going
With me in the alum stage I am
talking to triples because i don’t break anymore
record I make them broken
this album is bastard i did it for
and in nine months I come back and another
To retire calmly like Miguel
cotto and then you at my house alone and
boring and although my best subjects still
they have not gone out but speaking of course people
I don’t sleep anymore and this fame has me
until sick
Thank you for calling my port to
flocks not liked i’m the same
every year after they punish me
I was going to bed for that now
for the comrades the battle

i love you
it’s okay

or not

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