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Booker t in english versuri Bad Bunny

I put them to dance “La Pelúa” (Wuh)
And whoever does not dance, let them lose it (Hey)
Motherfuckers, do not cuquen me
Read the numbers so that they are educated (Wuh)
I don’t do songs, I make hymns so they don’t expire (Hey)
In this genre I was a Hadōken (Hey, hey, hey)
And they became extinct like dinosaurs (Prr, ah)
Before I turn off ‘the sun goes out
We go up ‘and break’ the elevator (Ah)
The high school that Barbasol threw at them
Ah damn rabbit
Now I look at them from above and from afar ‘, hey
I don’t answer DM, no, talk to my management
But he’s also going to pitch
I swear that I did not want to get embittered, hey (Ah, ah, ah)
I put all my crush, shh, I’m bored until ‘e chichar (Ay, rra)
And I am a milly without using Richard (Hey)
Yankee retires and we’re going to switch (Ah)
I’m going to be the boss, they are going to sign me
My name will always be heard

Because I’m at my peak (Hey)
I’m at my peak (I’m at my peak; hey)
I’m a king, champion, Booker T (Wuh, wuh, wuh), hey, hey
I’m at my peak, hey (I’m at my peak)
I’m at my peak, ha (I’m at my peak)
Look at me what I’ve become (Look at me, look at me)

He is bothered by my composer award
But it is that nobody composes
None of these people write in their songs, so they don’t get excited (Uh)
The best selling album ‘this fucking year (Hey)
I took them to school, everyone trying to make a sequel
They are still in line, nobody sneaks up on me (Hey)

Cheki, brunette, cheki
Cheki, brunette, huh
Bad Bunny took all the ‘prizes’ and the bastard didn’t even go (Eh)

You paying to ‘go viral’ (Hey)
Me pasting songs without making a promo (Promo)
People wonder how (how?)
Since I was little they know how we are, I never ask for tenqui
I am coco, you are ‘bakin’ (Wuh)
Booker T breaking me

I’m at my peak, you bastard (Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
And I’m going to continue at my peak, bastard, hey
I’m a king, champion, Booker T, hey (Booker T)
I’m at my peak (I’m at my peak), hey
And I’m going to continue at my peak, hey, hey (Normal)
Look at me, what you what? What you what? Nah-nah
Bastard, you are feka

Can you dig it, sucka ‘?
Hey Hey
I’m not going to front, give repeat, bastard
So you can see that I’m fine, motherfucker

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