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Versuri Arando Marquez feat. Oana Radu – Pina Colada lyrics

Pina Colada versuri Arando Marquez, Oana Radu

Under the sun will be
Forever, you and me
Easy like 1,2,3
Like no other summer, other summer
Feeling so V I P
We don`t need no money
Because the sun is free
Like no other summer, other summer

Love is like a summer night, keeping me awake
Kisses like the morning light, story of today

Como se llama, Copacabana
Looking for a party
Pina colada, no entiendo nada
I ain`t got no money

Under the summer sun
Baby, we`ll be as one
Come on, let`s have some fun
Like there`s no tomorrow, no tomorrow
Can we just stay like this
Don`t need no dollar bills
No material things
If you’re here tomorrow, here tomorrow

Hey you got me like that, that
Keep me coming right back, back
Hey you got me like that, that
Better keep me coming right back.

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