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Versuri Anson Seabra – Don’t Forget to Breathe lyrics

Don't Forget to Breathe versuri Anson Seabra

i’m still learning to love
still holding my tongue
still playing where it’s safest

and i’m still trying to be strong
still stumbling along
to people and to places that will

take me where i need to be
find out who i’m calling me

life has only begun
and already i’m
not sure i can make it

but it’s fine
i’m learning to fly
i’m saying goodbye
to people and to places that

make me less than i can be
don’t care if i’m really me

i am ready to try
this thing we call life
though i wont do it perfect and

i’m still so terrified
still so scared to die
but maybe it’s all worth it if i

go to where i need to be
find out who i’m calling me
fight off all the negatives the worries and the doubts and
to breathe

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