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Casually versuri Alyx Ander

All the times that I walk by
Without saying a word
Deep inside I was dealing with
Confessions to be heard
All the times I was quiet
When they mentioned your name
Had to act like you didn’t
Make all the blood rush to my brain

I know it’s been a while
I’ve been thinkin’ bout you for sometime
Maybe we could someday see this through
But I could bring myself to speak
Maybe we could try to meet the way we do

When I casually run into you
After accidentally hearing where you’ll be
And pretending that it’s you I don’t see
Bending over backwords like it’s nothing
When I casually run into you

All you gotta know about now
From the looks I throw your way
Lord knows I don’t mean to but
It’s written on my face

Listen lets be honest got it planned out
I show up knowing that you’ll be around
Crushing on me was a nice way to put my feelings
Out straight but when I leave and I’m on my own
I can’t convince myself there’s any better
Tell me what it’s like to be more than someone

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