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I told you to pop that sh*t, I’m bubblegum
But I have to take a hit some more bubble numb
Won’t slow down ever if I tried
Adrenaline is what I’m feeling inside

Let me get back to the track
That I beat crack, that I let you know
I’m ready to attack
I’m 3D b*tch, I’m a fantasy
That’s the reason petty b*tches was mad at me
Now my show’s sold out, I’m on a world tour
Doing sh*t for Paper, Vogue, and Allure
Jeff Koons really got me feeling bougie
But I’m still in the hood like 50 Cent in movies
Pastel berets over Rosen’s Giuseppes
Correct yourself before you correct me
Went from Mayron to cruising the Veyron
Paying for whatever I put my name on
Need a new plan, let me brainstorm
Take over the world, let me stay calm
Irreplaceable, I’m a f*cking icon
Take a pic on your f*cking Nikon
It’ll last longer

Ayo sis
Ayo ayo ayo sis
Army multiplying so call that mitosis
We got them femme rebels with the bass and the treble
We got them banging heads like they name was metal
I stay getting fly like Amelia
Cruising on these b*tches, me llamo Celia
Put my face on a coin, b*tch, I’m Susan B
I’m the queen of the world I am Neferti-
Ti-na getting turnt like a boss
Leading The Supremes like my name Diana Ross
Monroe, Kennedy, Hillary Clinton
I’m the first lady played by Tilda Swinton
I’m winning, I’m Venus and Serena
Latina senorita imma channel Miss Selena
Imma put a spell on you
Annie Lennox or Nina
I got so many diamonds you should call me Miss Marina

Getting lit lit (ayo sis)
D- d- drinks in the air (ayo sis)
Cheers to my b*tches (ayo sis)
Do what you want (ayo sis)

I’m just getting started this is start of the chase
I roll on these haters while I’m winning the race
Laila Ali, ‘cause b*tch I’m a knockout (that’s right)
Doing big things for a beauty school dropout
Amara La Negra has a beautiful afro
Write a poem ‘bout that sh*t, b*tch I’m Sappho (uh huh)
Why would I be Linda when I could just be Naomi
Or I could be Wonder Woman dipping on them like Leiomy
Bad gyal, me gwan wine like Rihanna
A dangerous woman fifty shades of Ariana
Chilling with Lupita mujer afro-mexicana
Hat saucing with Beyonce her mama Louisiana
Nicki count b*tches popping off of Cardi B
Making changes in the world like my sis Marsha P
It’s so funny how I’m hood but I’m educated
Only bad b*tches get so hot they get acclimated (hahaha)

Getting lit lit (ayo sis)
D- d- drinks in the air (ayo sis)
Cheers to my b*tches (ayo sis)
Do what you want (ayo sis)

Enough with this sweet sh*t let me get real
I’m a feminist faggot with a lot of sex appeal
I was told I couldn’t switch I’m a man not a b*tch
If you wanna be a queen you will never be rich
But guess what (ha!) I’m still a f*cking queen
Making so much money that my cash flow is obscene
I don’t need to brag, I don’t need to say sh*t
When my next single drops I’ll have another f*cking hit
Feet too big for these red bottoms (yup)
Successfully that b*tch, imma blossom (yup)
My d*ck so big, my d*ck is a bully
But I’m still driven by the power of p*ssy

Getting lit lit (ayo sis)
D- d- drinks in the air (ayo sis)
Cheers to my b*tches (ayo sis)
Do what you want (ayo sis)

Shoutout to all my beautiful wo-

I feel like a f*cking radio host Mitch
I- I- I can’t say, I don’t know what to say, honestly

Mitch that’s cringy

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