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Versuri Aja – Brujería (feat. Mitch Ferrino) lyrics

Brujería versuri Aja

Once upon a time but not too far
Channel spirits smoking this cigar
It’s herbs magic all the healing
What’s good Ma? Let me give you a reading
Not saying that I’m coming for you
But when I throw this eye you’ll look like a fool
Motherf*cker I’m a madame (La Madama)
Don’t get me started on all your drama
Something mysterious not from Hell
I’ll make you twitch let me cast a spell
Salty skin miss hot caramel
Brown sugar princess ringin’ ’em bells
Look like fish (Attitude is piranha)
Twirling on these hoes (Una gitana)
I’ll tell you a secret (Mira escucha)
f*ck with me (Soy una bruja)

I’m the realest none of me’s fake
I set fire to the rain like a witch at the stake
Scared? Let me tell you a story
I don’t need blood to get really gory
You feeling insane? Got you losing your brain?
Hallucinating bet you’re feeling this pain
I see these smiles turning into frowns
I’m binding these b*tches Nancy Downs
Scrap that I’m a metaphoric demon
My bars come in packs attack like a legion
I’m well-protected spiritual condom
Throw you a pity party that’s maudlyn
I’m that b*tch I cause paralysis
Got eyes hitting back sleep analysis
Dangerous don’t need no guns
Twisted cunt speaking in tongues

Straight from the coven I conjure I summon
Shook they runnin’ ‘cause yes I bludgeon
Pervasive persuasive I’m not on no safe sh*t
And no I’m not fakin’ smudge me with that sage sh*t
Los Santos Orichá qué bonita
Mamita bendita con luz prendida
Y ya no me diga porque es mi vida
Y cada día hago brujería

I am Glinda the witch of Eastwick
Rosenberg Willow magic tricks
Gold dust woman like I’m Stevie Nicks
I am Sabrina the teenage b*tch
Give me that charmed I got that hoodoo for you misses
Marie Laveau I got that voodoo for you witches
From rags to riches I am so vicious
Yet so delicious but never malicious
Into the woods this is my hood
I’m doing these things b*tches wish that they could
They just sad and I’m here sittin’
Their magic ain’t nothin’ like the fire I’m spitting
I am a dragon I will drag you
By the end of this track your name will be taboo
My name is a spell (Watch me spell it)
A juicy ass (Bum b*tch repellant)
A-J-A (Didn’t you get it?)
Carry the force (A f*cking propellant)
I’m the extreme creme de la cream
Fiona I’m Goode I am the f*cking supreme

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