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Finish her versuri Aja

You wanna know what I got to say
This is what I got to say
Because you ain’t sh*t
You ain’t ever been sh*t
And you never gonna be sh*t
Y’all like her for no f*cking reason
She don’t even like you
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Seriously though what the f*ck you mean
See don’t matter what you sayin’ I’m still swimming green
Did a television show without a whole team
F*ck a plastic crown b*tch I’m still the queen
Queen with a K cause I don’t give a f*ck
That these geese quacking like a motherf*cking duck
Fake asses b*tches couldn’t pick a f*cking goose
Still made an impact while chucking up a deuce
Need to keep it real though what’s really good
If I’m immature just ’cause I come from the hood
If this melanin means that I’m really a villain
Then bullseye b*tch ’cause I’mma keep killing
What b*tch you know revived her career
This b*tch ain’t model for more than a year
Getting out of bed for less then 10
Keep sleeping on that and never happen again
Cause I’m a nightmare I’m a motherf*cking savage
My frustration made you established
No need to breathe I’m already booked
My talent’s one thing that was never overlooked
Bad actress how’d I make you believe
I made it on top that’s one thing I achieved
Placed 9th moving still non stop
You gagging let me get you a cough drop
Ha ha ha ha
Actually let me force feed you this

Banjee c*nt work Brooklyn streets
I created the bridge from the hood to the freaks
Mouth a razor my tongue straight art though
Makeup terrible like my name was Harlow
Subject of my change should I even touch it
The only thing that changed was my spending budget
Stuck on Facetune like you ain’t edited
Tune your common sense take a sedative
Gather the facts before you launch that missile
If you wanna start a war then I’mma blow the whistle
That sh*t don’t phase me cause I’m a solider
I stay up fresh on my grind like I’m Folgers
Y’all believe a wolf dressed up in glam
But was quick to sacrifice the lambs
Would you let bum b*tches disrespect your throne
The fact that you would now that got me thrown

How my name stay on your lips
I stay on me when I’m moving my hips
Obsessed with comparison what’s my aesthetic
Sh*tting on b*tches put that on Reddit
This is a course and I’m never crashing
I’m swerving on these hoes like I’m Martin Aston
Exhausted should I give you a break
How much horsepower can you take
Swarovski embellishes inside a Maserati
Dressed down to my Giuseppe Zanotti
I got all the kids screaming that they wanna live but first
I have some thanks to give
Thanks to all my true fans for showing me love
It was the only reason that I was actually able to even do this
You know Zach Shan Claire
You know… Cindy the bricks all of you
I’m about to straight sh*t on these b*tches now
Just letting you know

Level ya p*ssy up up up
If you’re feeling c*nt c*nt c*nt
Level ya p*ssy up up up
So you’ll get what up up
Level ya p*ssy up up up
If you’re feeling c*nt c*nt c*nt
Level ya p*ssy up up up
So you’ll get what up

F*ck you mean I’m a f*cking copy
Half of y’all who’s looking hella sloppy
Fake ass fans some of y’all full of sh*t
This ain’t a sub you a dumb b*tch
I’m getting my laughs I’m getting my tan
I’m living my life abroad with my man
What the f*ck did you amount to
Commenting on who looks like who
I’m perfect I’m beautiful I look like a model
Stomping the runway like I’m full throttle
I have my own house
I did this show twice
And you should be taking my advice
Trust no ask no sh*tty designers
Murder these hoes with a killer liner
Step up your cookies and feel your c*nt
I am the queen of pulling the stunts
So sit the f*ck down

If any f*cking b*tch got some sh*t to say
Say it to my motherf*cking face
Or else it ain’t f*cking sh*t
b*tch ’cause I bet you won’t get slapped right now
If it wasn’t for a contract half of y’all would’ve been slapped
Damn zamn

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