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Versuri ZUKA – Backseat lyrics

Backseat versuri ZUKA

You expect nothing from me
No rules, no lies, no pain you can see
We are at the right time and right place
Between us there is no room for mistakes

And i should get used to u
And u should get used to me
You ink my heart with a tattoo
This feeling is so heavenly

Love on the backseats for (a) lifetime
And when the world sleeps
I’m making you mine
You’re the only one that loves me so bad
It’s the biggest love attack that I’ve had
Making love on the backseats
Until we sweat

You have a power that attracts me so bad
I’ve never seen i sware, such a body, a well shaped siluethe
Please, stay, you have that something that gives me wings
And dear Lord my body is asking for sins

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