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My Year versuri ZOMBIES

I’m fired up
Tryouts today
I’m gonna blow ’em away, yeah
Dad says I can’t go wrong, no
As long as I keep this on, oh
Seabrook’s been the best, like, forever
Mom’s counting on me, no pressure
Cheer’s in my family genes
Come on, let’s do this thing

Now what up, everybody
Let me set the scene
Fresh new start for your boy Young Z
You saw Pops, for a dad, he’s cool
He’s just a little stressed about my first day of school
They say “Be careful, those humans can be mean”
But I’m still going out for the football team
This might look rough, but it’s home, sweet home
Just a little bit of dust and a little bit of mold

But it ain’t so bad on this side of the tracks
We make it work with a little bit of swag

On this side, we can all keep winning
If we just try to fit in

Watch it come together
Be the best one ever
Because it’s my time
This is gonna be my year
Been waiting for this moment
Yeah, I’m gonna own it
You can watch me shine
This is gonna be my year
My year, my year
My, my, my year

My year My year
My year My year
This is gonna be
My year

Now let me introduce you to my friend Eliza
We’ll never be accepted, zombies need to rise up
Fight the good fight, stand for what’s right
We get the worst jobs and a curfew at night
They make us wear these uniforms that all look the same
Why’s it just us being treated this way?
I say we stick it to their institution
You want justice, we need a revolution
Yeah, you got a point, but today’s an improvement
‘Cause baby steps is still movement
Hey, Bonzo, come and spit a verse
A zig, zagg, gwag, gwad, ziggy, got, gon
Ziggity, got, goat, zag, ziggy, got, zong
He just dropped that in Zombie.

Yeah, all he said is he’s hungry.


Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.

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