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I almost called you from the plane just to say that I’m okay and to see what you were doing
Wish I knew what you were doing
And I know thats its a shame that we ended it this way but when I think about it

You never thought about me
I tried to find the good inside
But it’s just too deep
I just wanna hear you’re sorry
I just wanna feel your body
I don’t wanna think about it
Give me one night, give me one time, baby where I’m
in oblivion
Lately I been tryna pray that the anger’s gonna fade I’ll forgive it all someday
forget it all someday
but it’s hard to be okay when I think about the way that you broke all of my faith
you broke all of my faith
I try to find some peace of mind but it’s just too deep
I wanna kiss your lips one more time without thinking bout all those guys
see myself in your eyes
forget about all the lies

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