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Versuri ZAYN – Connexion lyrics

Connexion versuri Zayn

funny when you come to mind
that’s when you hit me up
and that’s when we feel a little closer
just when i started thinking

it’s like a force we can’t explain
work like a magnet babe
i thought of you and the next moment
giving me that feeling

could be my suspicion
maybe I’m just out here overthinking

like you come into the picture
when i start to feel like something’s missing

and i don’t wanna miss out on another love
so i’m gonna dive right in
go head first into the unknown
like it’s all i know

baby could you keep it up
don’t wanna stop at words, ain’t enough
feel just like a drug
really fuck me up

call it
a digital
but physical

call it
a digital
but physical

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