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Versuri Zagaza feat. Jay Millar, J X & Drei Ros – Drink For Love lyrics

Drink For Love versuri Drei Ros, J X, Jay Millar, Zagaza

See girl you break and you shake it
Got me oh!!
See girl i like when you put it on the floor!!
I like the way you be dancing
The way you twerking your body
Girl u just break it down low

Drink for lovefor love la la la la love it s enough
Ooo str: Drink mamadrink papa
For all that has been
No worries
All stories
Keep on movin

Girl you know that you have spiced up my life
My pretty pretty girl
Girl you are one of a kind
So when you are not around you know me celebrate my life
Me wanna let you me me be the boss of my life

You can leave your life
The way it please you better
I can make my day without you

We take a drink for love and we toast to the night
She wanna get right more vodka than sprite
If she’s with me get used to the lights
You can go blind when you living that life

Drei Ros I major in making girls go
Crazy like baby is making that dough
I’m not the type to be taking it slow
Fast life no ice take a

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