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Back in my dreams
Chilling with yo bae
Toting the ak

Back in my dreams
It’s never what it seems
Chopper his facial that’s a scarry cat
Pull up to the light killers dressing all black
Jumping out of swag how bout a mack
What happens when I die in my weo dreams?

Back in the days
Holding glocks in the cage
You know i know you can see it in my eyes
That i wasnt gonna make it older brother
Thugging yea he taught me all the basic

Told me keep it by waist, keep that earthquake
I know aint no other way music my only chance

This my only way gotta make these bands
I know how fast they can come take my life

Gotta watch my left and right
Ohh they gonna love you and hate you same night
Ohh dont got time to argue and fight

Lil buddy bop up in here wicked with the glock
No music rolling heavy metal on your block
12 wannak now bodies dropping
On the clock

Give her where its not dodging
Death and cops
Melvin my big brother so I’m icy
Do it for the money thats my wifey
And i aint gonna say nothing grew up in a jeep
We was grinding and hustling
You know me

I know back in them days
We was in the traphouse
Tryna figure out a way

I know I know how far to go
I know to take it slow
Stretch it and make it grow

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