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B*tch n*gga snitch n*gga ho n*gga b*tch n*gga (x8)

I can smell a b*tch n*gga a mile away
Type of n*gga so b*tch he should put “b*tch-made” on his license plate (b*tch!)
From that real shit you b*tch n*ggas play hide and seek (b*tch-ass n*ggas)
Me and b*tch n*ggas we don’t conversate
B*tch n*ggas love saying real n*ggas tryna hate (b*tch-ass n*gga)
But nah n*gga I’m a real n*gga I had a bag of weight
You got fear in your heart so you cooperate (b*tch)
I can’t stand how b*tch n*ggas operate
You’s a b*tch (b*tch) your mama know you a b*tch (b*tch)
Your girl even know you a b*tch (b*tch)
I don’t know how she suck your dick pause
You got caught with some shit (Shit)
With your best friend and your clique (Clique)
Y’all got caught hittin’ a lick (Hit)
Everybody went down ’cause you snitched (Aw)
Whoever raised you ain’t do a good job at that (That)
Ayy whoever raised you need to get slapped
Karma is a b*tch and she gon’ get you n*gga just like that
‘Cause once a b*tch n*gga always a b*tch facts

B*tch n*gga snitch n*gga ho n*gga b*tch n*gga (x8)

B*tch n*ggas always contemplate
Always contemplate what on they’re tryna say
B*tch n*gga leave the house think he fly today
B*tch n*gga don’t even know what’s ’bout to come his way bop
B*tch n*gga you should bleed for seven days
No test touch the road you scared to catch a fade
I got in a fight and you ain’t fight
You ran off so next time I see you I’ll knock you out on sight
(Bing bing bing) Ayy I don’t want no rap beef
‘Cause I’m really gon’ slide check my wrap sheet (Check it n*gga)
Ayy so think twice before attacking me
I’ma pull a gun out I ain’t gon’ run I ain’t no athlete
(Boom-boom-boom-boom!) You count the next man’s pockets
You fall pillow talking to that b*tch she a hoe you know she our’s
I hate a b*tch n*gga I hate a b*tch n*gga I swear to God
I don’t know what’s worse b*tch n*ggas or alchohol

B*tch n*gga snitch n*gga ho n*gga b*tch n*gga (x8)

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