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Rest in Grease versuri Wendys

You gonna get that work

Red head with some pig tails
Better check the score these meals sell
Now that’s better I’m so clever
My bars chilly better grab a sweater
You blocked my tweets can’t squash the beef
Now check my feed and yo’ eyes swellin’
How you love that These straight facts
Tryna take the swag but we don’t want it back
I’ma boss chick so they hate that
Boy we tried your food where the flavor at
You number 1 That’s a joke
Why yo’ ice cream machine always broke
Why yo’ drive through always slow
Why yo’ innovation just can’t grow
It’s queen Wendy need I say mo’
That Baconator go crazy that spicy chicken go crazy
You can take a fry and dip it in the sauce it still be so tasty
Them lil tweets don’t phase me McDonalds be so lazy
I know the reason you hatin’ me ’cause I’m fast food’s First Lady
It’s queen Wendy up in this thang
You can’t beat us serving them thangs
Y’all too chicken for this beef
I’ma leave you resting in grease
Nuggs for Carter retweet
Boy you know you can’t compete
On top of our game man watch us
See its no stoppin’ me (flex)

Uh red head with my pig tails ah
Fast food’s first lady ah
You cannot play me

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