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Versuri WE ARE FURY – Memories (feat. RUNN) lyrics

Memories versuri We are fury

It’s getting harder than ever
Tryna keep a tight hold of myself
Could say I’m under the weather
But I don’t think it’ll help
I’m wishing we were together
Never thought I’d need anyone else
I couldn’t love you better
‘Cause I couldn’t love myself

And now that you’re gone
I can’t avoid it
All the noises keep me up at night
I’m ’bout to lose my mind

‘Cause all I have are these two hands
A broken heart and an emptiness
And this old house you said that I could keep
But it’s not the same since you’re not here
The photographs of our better years
Are all that’s left, you said that I could keep
The Memories
You said that I could keep the Memories
You said that I could keep the Memories
Still hear your voice in the silence
Makes me…

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