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Versuri Camelia Crisan – Watch Me (Movin’ On) lyrics

Watch Me (Movin' On) versuri Camelia Crisan

I am just me and that’s who I will always be
(Boy, you kinda missed that)
I will never wait I will just do it
(Boy, that’s all in fact)
We all know love will change everything but I’m still the same
You and me, let’s just see if you will understand me.

All this time was enough for me
Baby watch me movin’ on
All the memories we had together
No it doesn’t matter anymore
Wa-a-a-atch me movin’ on Watch me lettin’ you go
Wa-a-a-atch me movin’ on I don’t care anymore.

A little story about me is all you have to know
(You have to know)
I will never change I will just grow up but I won’t give up
You’re just like the other boys but one day you’ll realize it’s your loss
Say what you mean and mean what you say cuz one day I could walk away.


Maybe I’m too little for these complicated things
So wa-a-a-atch me I’m the one you’re gonna miss
Watch me.


Watch me movìn’ on
I don’t care anymore.

Versuri Camelia Crisan – Watch Me (Movin’ On)

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