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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – In The End Lyrics

Versuri cantec "In The End" de la Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

I don’t know what you were
But i know that you changed me
Everything that you touched
Is sacred

I don’t know where you went
But you left a hurricane here
And it’s messing me up

Tell me you can love me, love me
I was so above it
But this year I fell so far

Tell me you can hold me, hold me
Girl i wasn’t lonely
But you made me want someone

I never wanna talk about it
I never wanna think again
You’re the only one that made me feel
Something in the end

I never wanna know what happened
I never wanna have regret
You’re the only one that promised me
Something in the end

You got my heart racing
Like the track meet favorite
I looked into the stand,
And saw it vacant

My mind got shaken
I think you left an earthquake here
It’s messing me up

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