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Versuri Tyler, The Creator – HOT CHOCOLATE ft Jerry Paper

Versurile cantecului "HOT CHOCOLATE" interpretat de Tyler, The Creator

It’s gettin’ cold, chocolate
Too warm, chocolate
It’s too hot (Hot), chocolate

Leche for my (Woo!) damn self
Hot chocolate
You can use water
Hot chocolate
I prefer milk if it’s 2%
Marshmallows on top and some extra whip
You can even use cinnamon, cinnamon on top
Hot chocolate

By the fire, I sip hot cocoa tonight
It makes me feel all right
It’s Christmas time (Cocoa, cocoa)
Jigsaw puzzle with my buddies
Tonight is our big night
It’s Christmas time (Cocoa, cocoa)

It gets cold in the winter, cold in the wintertime
Cold that’s my favorite, cold that’s my favorite time
It gets cold in the winter, cold in the wintertime

HOT CHOCOLATE lyrics ♪ Letra de la canción HOT CHOCOLATE ♪ Versuri HOT CHOCOLATE

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