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I sit in my garden and play stevie wonder
And get foot massages while clancy talk numbers
He threw me some game and i swear i wont fumble
Might cop me a bronco to ride for the summer

Marni the trousers
Tell Risso to holla
The carnival sell out
The stadium dodger
I cut off some homies
But taco my brodie
Until he score millions
I wont leave the goalie
Might pass em the mittens
He never betrayed me
The e30 sitting
The 675LT my daily
The engine is stupid
I drive like a tutor
When i move, it moves
The transmission like Luda
Now ketchup like packets
My new n*gga pretty
Your new b*tch is tacky
Like Busta Rhymes jackets
Want smoke i can match it
The second hand action
We exhale u inhale
And asthma attack
T’ing off
N*ggas nauseous
As f*ck, f*ck u thought?
B*tch its GOLF

Sh*t going crazy i swear i go crazy
I never met him but shout out lil baby
*gibberish* i ran out of words

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