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Everything Is All Wrong versuri Tutting Freestyle

Here I see the wasted
All my life I waited
Hoping you will open the door
I waited for you, you, you

Spending nights regreting
Took your love for granted
I just tought you always be there
I wish you were here, here here

I give my life to
To take the… and turns
All the back to the way that we where
Now that you’re gone
Everything is so wrong

I give my life
To make this days and nights
As sweet as days that we were together
And now that you’re gone
Everything is so wrong

I came from the rain
Try to wash away the pain
I got to find something to heal
I don’t wanna fill fill fill

And no matter where I go
And everything I know
A part of you keeps calling on me
I’ll never be free free free.

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